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Dairy free Blueberry & Ham Pancakes

Today was Pancake Day, or Shrove Tuesday, so I made some dairy free blueberry and ham pancakes with a little French twist. (8-10 servings) Ingredients 250g plain flour 2 tsp vanilla essence (– the French version) 2 egg and 2 egg yolk a pinch of salt 4 tsp baking powder 550ml Lacto free milk by [...]

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Dairy free Chocolate ( Swirl ) Cake

  I made this Chocolate (Swirl) Cake last Sunday. It’s super quick and dead easy to make. All I did was to use up an old swirl cake mix by Betty Crocker but I wanted the cake to be a bit more chocolaty than normal. And it did become VERY chocolaty. Yum. Like the Madeira [...]

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Lactofree milk by Arla

I first came across semi skimmed Lactofree milk by Arla about two years ago. It’s a brilliant alternative to “real” cow’s milk. In fact, it IS real cow’s milk – just without the lactose. I haven’t had a single bad experience drinking this milk. I even have it with my cereal and there is no [...]

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Dairy free Orange Madeira Cake

This weekend I tried myself on a Dairy Free Orange Madeira Cake. I had previously only done sponges and a blueberry oatmeal bake but when I found this deliciously looking cake recipe in the latest issue of Frankie Magazine (originally with butter + milk), I simply had to have a go at it. You’ll need an [...]

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